8 phrases that women should not talk to each other

Worse is the humiliation of women by society, only the humiliation of women themselves.

Sometimes women are forced to be ashamed of their bodies or represent them in the form of things. Women should stop saying these 8 phrases to each other so as not to deprive them of the power to act.

“If I eat this, tomorrow I’ll have to train in the gym”

You may have spoken these words in some situations or heard from others. This phrase contains the meaning that any food that brings pleasure is a sin. For its commission you need to punish yourself. No one should punish anyone. Especially themselves.

"Men prefer ..."

Women say this in an attempt to encourage others regarding their appearance. But no one's appearance should be judged by another person, not to mention a man.

"You look amazing. Have you lost weight?"

People can say these words with good intentions. But this only strengthens the view that our beauty is based on the ability to fit into the perception of beauty created by society.

"Don't worry. You're prettier than her."

This phrase is an attempt to console a friend after breaking up. Or if a man at the same time devotes time to her and another woman. This creates only a war between them and suggests that our success depends only on the degree of our attractiveness.

"Women are crazy"

Often girls use this word when describing a former or real boyfriend. If they have described a woman, most likely she is in a difficult emotional situation. Remember - this can happen to you.

"Why aren't you dating anyone?"

You may be curious to know the reason for the loneliness of a friend. But asking this question, you confirm the statement that the main thing for a woman to get married.

Fear of being alone pushes women into a toxic relationship. Give friends time and don’t put pressure on them when it comes to finding a partner.

"When are you going to give birth?"

The birth of a child is a momentous moment for any family. But this is not always what a woman wants at the moment or ever. She may have health problems. Do not ask about family plans until you are invited to be part of the conversation.

"Does that make me fat?"

It is not permissible to leave the house for someone who looks full. The idea that this expression is rooted in. If we strive to accept all types of figures, we must accept ourselves. Your feeling of confidence in your body will show others that they can feel as well.

Watch the video: Never Say These 8 Phrases To Any Girl Or Woman. Dating Tips by Skillopedia (December 2019).

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